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Plantalicious Develops “Portugal’s First Vegan Egg”

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A project called Plantalicious at the Centre for Food Education and Research (CFER) has created what it claims is Portugal’s first vegan egg.

Plantalicious was founded by researcher Mayla Araújo and CFER CEO Daniel Abegão. The project’s liquid egg substitute was developed after five years of research, with the aim of catering to Portugese vegans and those with egg allergies.

Made from soy, the plant-based egg provides a more sustainable alternative to poultry eggs, taking significantly less water to produce. Additionally, it is a healthier option for those with heart issues as it is free of cholesterol.

Plantalicious’ egg is not yet on the market, but the founders say it is set to launch soon. The project has attracted interest from as far afield as the US, Brazil, and Africa, as well as other European countries.

Israel's YO-Egg
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Animal-free eggs

Worldwide, various companies are taking different approaches to developing egg alternatives. Some, like Israel’s YO-Egg, are working on plant based options, while others are using precision fermentation to produce real egg proteins without the use of chickens. Options range from boiled to fried and scrambled egg alternatives, and the market for vegan eggs is expected to be worth $3.3 billion by 2031.

“Plant-based alternatives are a growing trend worldwide. After market research, we found that there was a gap in the Portuguese market. Vegetarians, vegans, or even people with egg allergies had no options in the market. So, we sought to create a product that was similar to an egg, as well as being tasty,” Plantalicious co-founder Mayla Araújo told The Portugal News.

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