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Title: Savoring Plant-Based Delights: Vegan-Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

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Bangkok, the bustling and vibrant capital of Thailand, is a city celebrated for its rich culture, stunning temples, and an increasingly diverse vegan food scene. For plant-based travelers, the city offers a wide array of options, from luxurious vegan hotels to eco-conscious vegetarian accommodations. In this guide, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through five remarkable vegan-friendly hotels in Bangkok, each renowned for its commitment to plant-based travelers. These hotels are paired with nearby vegan and vegetarian dining options, ensuring that your stay in this exotic city is a memorable and delicious experience.

Veggie Hotel – A Vegan Oasis in Bangkok

Veggie Hotel, a dedicated vegan hotel in the heart of Bangkok, offers an authentic and immersive plant-based experience. The hotel provides a vegan breakfast with an array of options, from fresh fruits to vegan pastries. Guests can also enjoy a vegan afternoon tea, a rarity in the city. Just steps away, Veganerie Concept, an iconic vegan café, serves up a diverse menu of vegan dishes, from plant-based sushi to dairy-free ice cream. Staying at Veggie Hotel and dining at Veganerie Concept is the epitome of vegan indulgence in Bangkok.

Sivatel Bangkok – Luxury Meets Vegan Excellence

Sivatel Bangkok, a luxurious urban hotel located near the Ploenchit area, offers guests an indulgent and sustainable stay. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, Viva Aviv, includes a vegan menu with options such as vegan pasta dishes and plant-based desserts. Just a short stroll away, Broccoli Revolution serves up a variety of vegan dishes, from colorful Buddha bowls to vegan burgers. Staying at Sivatel Bangkok and dining at Broccoli Revolution ensures a luxurious and veggie-friendly experience in the heart of the city.

The Sukosol Hotel – Classic Elegance and Vegetarian Delights

The Sukosol Hotel, an elegant and historic hotel near the Phaya Thai area, offers timeless and comfortable accommodations. While the hotel does not have an on-site vegan restaurant, it is located near May Veggie Home, an iconic vegetarian restaurant known for its gourmet vegetarian dishes, including veggie burgers and plant-based curries. Staying at The Sukosol Hotel and dining at May Veggie Home is a harmonious blend of classic charm and vegetarian dining in Bangkok.

The Quarter Ari – Cozy Stays with Veggie Comfort

For travelers looking for a cozy and budget-friendly experience, The Quarter Ari is an excellent choice. This boutique hotel in the Ari neighborhood offers comfortable and welcoming accommodations. The hotel provides a vegetarian-friendly breakfast with options like fresh fruits and plant-based milk. Just a short walk away, Vegan I Am serves up a variety of vegan dishes, from vegan sushi to hearty plant-based bowls. Staying at The Quarter Ari and dining at Vegan I Am is a wonderful option for budget-conscious travelers seeking a snug and veg-friendly experience in Bangkok.

The Yard Hostel – Artsy Vibes with Vegan Delights

The Yard Hostel, an artsy and stylish hostel located in the Ladprao area, offers unique and creative accommodations. The hostel provides a vegan-friendly breakfast with fresh fruits and a variety of plant-based options. Just a short stroll away, Veganerie, an iconic vegan restaurant, offers a diverse selection of vegan dishes, from vegan pancakes to dairy-free desserts. Staying at The Yard Hostel and dining at Veganerie is the perfect combination of artistic ambiance and vegan gastronomy in the heart of Bangkok.


Bangkok, with its cultural richness and growing vegan and vegetarian cuisine, is a dream destination for plant-based travelers. These vegan-friendly hotels offer not only comfortable and unique stays but also cater to your dietary preferences. Whether you’re exploring the historic Phaya Thai area or indulging in luxury near Ploenchit, Bangkok has something special for every vegan and vegetarian enthusiast.

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