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Title: Vegan Getaways in Vancouver: Exploring the West Coast

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Vancouver, a stunning city on the West Coast of Canada, is a paradise for vegans. With its breathtaking natural beauty and a thriving plant-based food scene, Vancouver is the ideal destination for vegan travelers. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through five fantastic vegan-friendly hotels in Vancouver, each paired with nearby vegan restaurants and cafes. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a foodie, or both, Vancouver has something special in store for you.

The Burrard – A Vegan Oasis in Downtown Vancouver

The Burrard, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, is a chic and eco-friendly boutique hotel that welcomes vegans with open arms. The hotel itself features vegan-friendly amenities, including cruelty-free bath products. Nearby, you’ll discover Heirloom Vegetarian, an iconic restaurant known for its creative plant-based menu. From the tempeh and avocado eggs Benedict to the vegan poutine, Heirloom offers a diverse range of vegan dishes to tantalize your taste buds. Staying at The Burrard and dining at Heirloom is the perfect start to your vegan adventure in Vancouver.

The Fairmont Waterfront – Luxury Meets Vegan Culinary Excellence

For a lavish vegan getaway, The Fairmont Waterfront is a top choice. This luxury waterfront hotel is committed to sustainability and offers a range of vegan options in its ARC restaurant. Whether you’re enjoying the vegan tofu scramble at breakfast or the truffled mushroom pasta at dinner, the Fairmont Waterfront caters to your vegan palate. Just a short walk away, MeeT in Gastown is a must-visit vegan restaurant known for its hearty comfort food. With dishes like vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and crispy avocado tacos, it’s a vegan foodie’s dream. Stay at The Fairmont Waterfront and indulge in luxury and vegan culinary excellence.

Loden Hotel – Boutique Vegan-Friendly Comfort

The Loden Hotel, a boutique gem nestled in Coal Harbour, offers a comfortable and intimate stay in Vancouver. The hotel is known for accommodating vegan guests with plant-based options, including a vegan room service menu. Close by, you’ll find Beetbox, a trendy vegan eatery with a menu full of plant-based comfort food, from vegan burgers to cauliflower wings. The Loden Hotel and Beetbox make for a delightful combination, offering you a cozy and vegan-friendly experience in one of Vancouver’s most picturesque neighborhoods.

Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre

Traveling on a budget? Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre provides affordable comfort in the heart of the city. The hotel features a variety of vegan menu options in its restaurant, Moxie’s Grill & Bar, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on taste. A short stroll away, Virtuous Pie offers a diverse selection of plant-based pizzas and ice cream, perfect for a vegan foodie’s delight. Staying at the Sandman Hotel and dining at Virtuous Pie is a wallet-friendly way to enjoy a vegan getaway in Vancouver.

Sylvia Hotel – Classic Elegance with Vegan Options

The Sylvia Hotel, a historic and elegant beachfront hotel, offers classic charm and magnificent ocean views. While it doesn’t have a dedicated vegan menu, the hotel’s restaurant provides vegan options and is open to accommodating vegan requests. Nearby, Nuba Restaurant in Kitsilano offers a Mediterranean-inspired vegan menu with dishes like falafel, lentil soup, and roasted cauliflower. The Sylvia Hotel and Nuba Restaurant offer a unique blend of classic elegance and vegan dining with a view.


Vancouver, with its incredible scenery and vibrant vegan food scene, is a vegan traveler’s dream. These vegan-friendly hotels and their nearby dining options ensure you have an unforgettable experience while exploring the West Coast’s natural beauty and indulging in delicious plant-based cuisine. Vancouver truly has it all for the vegan adventurer.

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