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Title: Veggie Journeys in Casablanca: Vegetarian Hotels in Morocco

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Casablanca, the cosmopolitan heart of Morocco, is renowned for its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and a rich culinary heritage. For vegetarians, this North African gem may seem challenging at first, given the traditional meat-based cuisine. However, Casablanca has started to embrace vegetarian and vegan dining. In this guide, we will take you on a journey through five remarkable vegetarian-friendly hotels in Casablanca, each celebrated for its commitment to providing plant-based options and a comfortable stay. Along with nearby vegetarian and vegan dining choices, these accommodations ensure that your visit to Casablanca is a delight for your taste buds and a celebration of plant-based cuisine.

Hôtel & Spa Le Doge – Sustainable Luxury with Vegan Amenities

Hôtel & Spa Le Doge, an elegant and eco-conscious boutique hotel in the heart of Casablanca, offers a sustainable and luxurious retreat with vegan amenities. The hotel provides a vegan-friendly breakfast with options like plant-based yogurt and fruit smoothies. Just a short walk away, Le Trou Au Mur serves a variety of vegan dishes, from vegetable tagines to couscous with vegan sauces. Staying at Hôtel & Spa Le Doge and dining at Le Trou Au Mur is the perfect blend of luxury and vegan indulgence in Casablanca.

Hotel Kenzi Basma – Modern Comfort with Veggie Choices

For travelers looking for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, Hotel Kenzi Basma, located in the city center, offers comfortable accommodations with a focus on sustainability. The hotel provides a vegetarian-friendly breakfast with fresh fruits and plant-based milk. Just a stone’s throw away, Bio and Co serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, from veggie wraps to hearty salads. Staying at Hotel Kenzi Basma and dining at Bio and Co is a wonderful option for travelers seeking modern comfort and veggie-friendly experiences in Casablanca.

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Hotel & Spa Le Casablanca – Classic Elegance with Vegan Delights

Hotel & Spa Le Casablanca, an elegant and classic hotel in the central Casablanca district, offers timeless and comfortable accommodations with a commitment to vegetarian cuisine. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, L’Ambre, features a vegetarian menu with options like vegetarian couscous and vegan desserts. Just steps away, Saveur Verte serves a variety of vegan dishes, from vegan burgers to plant-based pizzas. Staying at Hotel & Spa Le Casablanca and dining at Saveur Verte is a harmonious blend of classic charm and vegetarian dining in Casablanca.

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Hotel Imperial Casablanca – Artistic Vibes and Vegan Indulgence

Hotel Imperial Casablanca, an artistic and stylish hotel located in the heart of the city, offers creative and unique accommodations with an eco-conscious approach. The hotel provides a vegan-friendly breakfast with fresh fruits and a variety of plant-based options. Just a short stroll away, Café Pinson offers a diverse range of vegan dishes, from colorful vegan bowls to plant-based desserts. Staying at Hotel Imperial Casablanca and dining at Café Pinson is the perfect combination of artistic ambiance and vegan indulgence in Casablanca.

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca – Luxurious Vegan Options by the Coast

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca, a luxurious beachfront hotel with stunning ocean views, offers a lavish stay with dedicated vegan options. The hotel provides a vegan-friendly breakfast with gourmet options like avocado toast and dairy-free smoothies. Just steps away, the Vegan Village serves a variety of vegan dishes, from vegan tagines to vegan couscous. Staying at Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca and dining at the Vegan Village is the perfect blend of luxury and vegan gastronomy by the coast.


Casablanca, with its rich culture and growing plant-based culinary scene, is an exciting destination for vegetarians and vegans. These vegetarian-friendly hotels in the city offer not only comfortable and unique stays but also cater to your dietary preferences. Whether you’re immersed in the heart of the city or enjoying the ocean views, Casablanca has something special for every plant-based enthusiast.

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