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Discovering Vegan Food in French Guiana

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French Guiana, nestled on the northeastern coast of South America, is known for its rich biodiversity and multicultural heritage. Although it may not be the first place that comes to mind for vegan cuisine, this French overseas territory has a growing vegan food scene that offers a unique blend of flavors. In this blog post, we will explore five vegan restaurants that visitors should not miss while discovering the beauty and culture of French Guiana.

A Taste of Creole Vegan at Saveurs Véganes

Located in the capital city of Cayenne, Saveurs Véganes is a vegan haven that captures the essence of Creole flavors. The menu offers a variety of plant-based Creole dishes, from vegan accras (spiced fritters) to hearty vegetable stews served with traditional sides like plantains and rice. The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it an ideal spot for experiencing local vegan cuisine.

Nature-Inspired Dining at Jardin des Délices

Jardin des Délices, situated in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, offers a dining experience rooted in nature and sustainability. Their menu features creative dishes made with locally-sourced, organic ingredients. Visitors can savor vegan salads bursting with tropical fruits and vibrant colors, along with homemade vegan desserts. The serene garden setting adds to the overall charm of this eco-conscious restaurant.

Caribbean Fusion at Au Vert Bocage

In the picturesque town of Sinnamary, Au Vert Bocage combines Caribbean and vegan flavors to create a unique dining experience. Their menu includes plant-based versions of popular Caribbean dishes such as vegan colombo and stuffed acras. The tranquil setting of the restaurant and the surrounding gardens offer a perfect ambiance for enjoying a fusion of flavors.

Exploring Amazonian Vegan at Amazonie Végane

For travelers venturing deep into the Amazon rainforest in French Guiana, a visit to Amazonie Végane is a must. The restaurant showcases vegan dishes inspired by the region’s rich biodiversity. Savor dishes made from exotic Amazonian ingredients, plantains, and locally grown vegetables. Dining here is an integral part of the immersive rainforest experience.

Vibrant Vegan Living at La Ruche

In Kourou, La Ruche is a vegan cafe that offers vibrant, health-conscious dishes. Their menu includes a variety of fresh salads, smoothie bowls, and innovative plant-based entrees. The cafe’s focus on wellness and sustainability creates a welcoming environment for visitors seeking a balance between nutritious dining and relaxation.


French Guiana’s emerging vegan food scene is a hidden gem for travelers who appreciate ethical and delicious dining. These five vegan restaurants, including Saveurs Véganes in Cayenne, Jardin des Délices in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, Au Vert Bocage in Sinnamary, Amazonie Végane in the Amazon rainforest, and La Ruche in Kourou, offer a delightful culinary experience that celebrates local flavors with plant-based innovation. While you explore the unique landscapes and cultural diversity of French Guiana, be sure to dive into the country’s evolving vegan food culture—it’s a feast for your taste buds and an opportunity to support ethical, sustainable dining in this captivating part of South America.

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