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10 Vegan-Friendly and Vegan Hotels Around the World

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As more and more establishments in the tourism industry embrace veganism, you are often spoilt for choice when looking for a vegan-friendly or vegan hotel.

To help you plan your next adventure to a vegan-friendly establishment, here’s a round up of the top 10 most-searched vegan-friendly hotels from around the world.

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1. Amilla Fushi, Maldives

This stunning hotel is situated in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll. The private, luxury villas are nestled amongst the lush, tropical tree tops, hovering above the breath-taking waters of this incredible natural habitat.

All the food served follows a philosophy of using natural ingredients to create delicious and nutritious meals to cleanse the body and mind. Amilla Fushi offers a range of spa and retreat packages so that every guest who visits the resort leaves feeling relaxed and purified.

Amilla Fushi - vegan hotel

2. Villa dei Campi, Italy

The Villa Dei Campi hotel is situated on the shores of Lake Garda, in a stunning, traditional Italian stone farmhouse. One of the most enchanting parts of this hotel is its ambience, which perfectly encapsulates the charm of rural Italy.

The hotel has an outdoor pool, sauna and steam bath, welcoming guests to relax into the tranquil atmosphere. It serves exclusively vegan food and caters for all allergies.

3. Hotel Carpe Diem, Germany

This hotel offers a charming welcome to its guests, inviting them into its lush surroundings settled in a 3,000-square-metre garden enclosed by bamboo, willows, and lavender hedges.

The hotel is situated near the Baltic Sea in an old sailor’s village, on the edge of the Western-Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park. The resort boasts a modern health studio, relaxing sauna, Finnish sauna and a Japanese Kusatsu pool.

The menu is based around wholesome vegan foods, and the owners aim to pass on their organic lifestyle to their guests.

Hotel Carpe Diem Germany - vegan hotel

4. The Bale, Indonesia

This stunning hotel offers guests a unique experience of a private tropical retreat, satisfying all appetites with an extensive vegan menu.

The hotel also offers vegan cooking classes that use regional products and focus on six Ayurvedic tastes. While you’re at the hotel, be sure to treat yourself to a romantic candle-lit vegan dinner.

As for amenities, you can enjoy yoga, tai chi and qigong classes, or relax and unwind in the outdoor pool.

5. Kalari Kovilakom, India

The Kalari resort is vegan to its core. This fully vegan hotel follows a philosophy of respecting all life and all ways of life, showing respect to all animals, humans, plants and the environment.

The hotel operates its own solar plant and serves food picked from its own organic gardens. The building itself has been transformed from an old palace into a modern-day luxury resort.

Kalari Kovilakom India - vegan hotel

Kalari Kovilakom vegan hotel in India

6. Hotel Flachauerhof, Austria

This stunning Austrian hotel lives by the philosophy ‘we serve joy!’, dishing up only the purest vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free foods.

The hotel offers a tranquil, natural experience for guests and provides holistic treatments, including essentials oils and crystals, to cleanse and rejuvenate your physical and mental well-being.

In true Austrian spirit, you can make the most of the nearby outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking and winter sports, or relax in the sauna and steam bath.

Hotel Flachauerhof Austria - vegan hotel

7. Hotel Heritage, New Zealand

With an accreditation from the New Zealand vegetarian society, Hotel Heritage is committed to running a sustainable hotel that uses products from local suppliers.

The hotel serves a combination of vegan and non-vegan dishes — perfect if your other half does not follow a vegan diet — and ensures zero cross-contamination.

The hotel also offers guests the chance to enjoy its indoor and outdoor pools and tennis courts.

Hotel Heritage New Zealand - vegan hotel

8. Mukul Beach Golf Resort and Spa, Nicaragua

With each of its private accommodations enjoying ocean views, a private pool and staff on attendance, the Mukul Beach vegan hotel and resort in Nicaragua is one of the world’s most exclusive resorts of its kind.

Mukul is the Mayan word for ‘secret’, and this luxury resort allows guests to relax in unparalleled privacy amongst 12 kilometers of nature trails and more than 6 kilometers of white sandy beaches, before unwinding in the spa or Turkish baths.

9. Budersand Hotel – Golf Resort and Spa, Germany

The hotel’s Michelin-star-winning chef will take diners on an incredible taste experience throughout his vegetable-based menu.

The hotel is located on Germany’s northernmost island, enrapturing guests in a relaxed, luxurious environment that whisks them away from the everyday. The hotel’s 1,000-square-meter spa is a totally grounding experience in a natural maritime environment.

10. Swaswara, India

This beautiful fully vegan hotel encourages guests to detox in its stunning facilities as they enjoy a range of delicious vegan meals. It offers a space for those seeking wellness, healing, rejuvenation and a path to self-discovery.

Located on Om Beach Goa, the hotel offers incredible yoga courses, meditation, and art programs to help guests escape their hectic lives and tune into their bodies’ inner needs.

Disclaimer: Kindly check these hotels online to see present date availability.

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